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Regular Dental Check Ups & Cleaning

To keep your teeth well serviced

Regular dental check-ups form an important part of dental care. Caring for your teeth and gum is quite like caring your car. There are jobs like checking the tyres, filling up the tank and washing that you need to do routinely to keep it running. Every 6 months or when the recommended mileage is reached, you also need to take the car for a service to have a good inspection and the engine cleaned. The level of maintenance depends on many factors such as the type of the car, the sort of trips you make, how much care you take for your car and so on. Your teeth and gums are like your car. The only difference is that you can buy another car if it becomes problematic but you can't have a new set of teeth and gums if they are ruined!

Skipping a dental check-up may not sound like a big deal but because a lot of dental problems do not cause any pain or discomfort at their early stages, they become much more difficult and expensive to treat if they are left until you notice something is not right.

We take a comprehensive approach for our regular dental check up to ensure every aspect of oral, head and neck tissues is thoroughly examined. Here are some of the areas apart from teeth and gum that we check and more:

  • Oral cancer check
  • TMJ, head and neck, jaw muscles
  • Saliva
  • Dental appliances including dentures, occlusal splints and dental sleep appliances

If your reason for skipping your regular dental visit is anxiety, we are here to help you overcoming your fear.

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