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Anxiety Solution

We care about YOU.
We are passionate about giving you the best and
most positive dental experience every time.

We know what it feels like going to a dentist especially for those who had bad childhood dental experiences. We are sorry to hear if you are one of those. We understand that a bad experience can give someone anxiety for life if it is not dealt with properly. At Dental Logic, we don't just care about your teeth, we care also about your wellbeing and make sure that you are well looked after.

A positive experience starts from a young age. Our clinicians and care team work together to make your child's first and subsequent dental visits fun. Our specially designed child friendly areas  keep your children excited.

Our clinicians are highly skilled to deliver treatment in the most gentle and efficient manner. Our care team understands you and endeavors to meet your needs.

We offer several anxiety-relieving solutions to keep your dental visit stress-free:


Meditation and hypnosis

Meditation helps to calm your nerves and reduce your stress level which is what you need in the dental room. Our clinicians can guide you to stay calm throughout the treatment. If your anxiety is caused by a bad dental experience, dental hypnosis can be a great tool to help you managing the anxiety by reframing your experience. Our dentists are trained in medical hypnosis and are here to help you

Happy gas (Nitrous Oxide)

Nitrous oxide, also commonly known as happy gas, is a great way to manage low to medium level of anxiety. By breathing in happy gas with oxygen, you will feel totally relaxed while staying conscious the whole time. Nitrous oxide is known to have very few side effects and is generally a very safe procedure. There is no fasting required before the procedure and recovery is very quick so that you are safe to drive and work after the procedure. Our practice is equipped with happy gas (Nitrous oxide) to keep you happy and our dentists are fully trained to deliver nitrous oxide and dental treatment at the same time.

Sleep dentistry

If you require a complex dental procedure and have extremely high levels of anxiety and you wish to be asleep throughout the procedure, we offer in-house sedation or off-site general anaesthetics. Our dentists can work out with you the best way to deliver the treatment at the comfort level that you want.

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