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Kids-Friendly Dental Care

Every child is unique and special.
They deserve our full attention.

A good dental experience is extremely important. This prepares a child for a positive attitude towards dental treatment and home care. We know children can be anxious when going to the dentist especially for the first time.


At Dental Logic we have a specially designed play corner and kids treatment rooms to keep the youngsters excited from the moment they walk into our practice. We know how to interact with children and keep them engaged while comprehensibly examining their teeth, gums, jaw development and any undesired issues.


Our dentist and oral health therapist are highly trained and experienced in treating children. Our care team knows very well how to put kids at ease. We endeavour to make your child feel good and positive throughout the visit.


When should I take my kids to the dentist?

We recommend toddlers have their first dental visit at age between 2 and 3.


How often should I take my kids to the dentist?

We recommend children see our dentists and oral health therapist every 6 months for regular examinations. This helps to familiarize them with the dentist and allows us to monitor their teeth.


Why are baby teeth so important?

Healthy baby teeth, gums and correct oral function are essential to speech, jaw and dental arch development. Oral habits such as finger sucking and tongue thrusting, and abnormal breathing patterns like mouth breathing and sleep apnoea disrupt normal jaw growth. This effects dental arch development and body functions development, which can result in crowding and unfavourable bites. Some children may even develop headaches and migraines.


When do baby teeth fall out?


Kids-Friendly Dental Care

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Our dentists and oral health therapist
are specially trained and highly experienced
to treat children.