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Patient Information

Welcome to our information page.

For our new patients, please go to our New Patient Welcome Pack below for all the information you need for your first dental visit with us and we look forward to meeting you very soon!


We have also included some assessment links and care instructions for various dental procedures and in case of a medical emergency.


New patient Welcome Pack

- Welcome

- Medical History

- Getting to Dental Logic


Sleep Related Problem Screening

- Epworth Sleepiness Scale Calculator

- STOP BANG sleep apnoea questionnaire


Care & Instructions

- Take home whitening instruction

- Occlusal Splint/Night Guard Care Instruction

- Denture Care Instruction

- Care Instruction after Extractions


First Aid

- Medical emergency - St John DRSABCD

We have hand- picked a range of trusted dental websites that can give you useful and reliable dental information:


Australian Dental Association


Dental Health Information


Implant Solutions


Invisalign® tooth alignment solution


Philips Zoom® Whitening


Dental Health Services Victoria


Department of Veterans Affairs