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Tooth Replacement Solutions

Every tooth is important functionally and cosmetically. Unfortunately there are times that extraction might be inevitable. There are also people born with one or several missing teeth. Missing teeth can not only affect your smile, it also makes chewing and speaking difficult. And because the remaining teeth work a lot harder, we see people starting to have problems from overloading such as severe tooth wear, breaking and fracturing of teeth and fillings soon after they lost their teeth

There are several solutions to replace missing teeth:


Removable dentures 
Dentures are a removable way to replace your missing teeth. They have been used in dentistry for a long time and have not been phased out even that we have so many other tooth replacement options

The major advantages of removable dentures are the cost and ease of treatment. Dentures do not require any surgeries as they rest on gums and teeth. They do not require complex preparation. And because one denture can replace as many teeth as needed in the same dental arch, it can be a very cost effective way to replace multiple missing teeth.

Our experienced dental prosthetist and dentists are able to offer you well-fitted, top quality dentures that look good and feel good.

Tooth replacement solutions

Fixed dental Implants
With the advancement in implant technology and surgical protocols, dental implants are now an increasing popular solution to replace missing teeth. They most closely resembles to natural teeth amongst all the tooth replacement options. And because they use the jaw bone as an anchor, they do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support and therefore can be fitted individually. At Dental Logic, we work closely with highly skilled specialists to ensure implants are placed at optimal conditions and positions. Our local dental ceramists create top quality, highly aesthetic crown work to go on the implants. You can be assured that every implant crown will work perfectly.

Fixed dental Implants

Fixed dental bridge
If the teeth next to the space are in good condition, it is possible to cap the two teeth with crowns joint by an artificial tooth in between. It is a good alternative if an implant cannot be placed because of unfavorable conditions such as excessive bone loss or medical conditions that pose high surgical risks. Fixed dental bridges are made of porcelain with either metal or zirconia framework so they are extremely durable. Provided that the supporting teeth are strong and well looked after, dental bridges can be a great, long lasting solution.

Fixed dental bridge

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