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**Learning @ Logic** How can diabetes affect my oral health?


Diabetes is a common disease affecting 1.5 million Australians, and those who have the disease know that it can harm the kidneys, eyes, heart and nerves, but did you know it can also affect your mouth?

By lowering the body’s’ resistance to infection and slow healing process, the first signs and symptoms of diabetes can occur in the mouth! Conditions include gum disease, tooth decay, fungal infection, ulcers, dry/burning mouth and more.

Gum disease: It is the most common dental problem affecting diabetics and tends to be a lot more aggressive. Diabetes and gum disease has also a ‘2-way relationship’ which means poorly controlled gum disease can make diabetes control much more difficult.

Tooth decay: Higher than normal salivary glucose levels with the combination of dry mouth allows for the rapid build-up of plaque, which leads to tooth decay.

Daily brushing and flossing, regular check-ups and cleans and good blood glucose control through diet and exercise are the best defence against the dental problems of diabetes

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**Learning @ Logic** How can diabetes affect my oral health?