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**Learning @ Logic** Charcoal tooth whitening….does it actually work??


Activated charcoal is odourless and tasteless; thanks to its numerous ‘micropores’, it absorbs chemicals beautifully and therefore it is used in water purification and treating emergency conditions such as food poisoning.

According to social media trends, it claims to naturally whiten teeth, polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth. Charcoal can bind to plaque and stain. However, given the time we normally spend on brushing teeth, it is usually not long enough to do that. Rather it removes stains by physically scrubbing away the tooth surface. Furthermore it has absolutely zero effect on changing the natural colour of the tooth itself.

Activated charcoal is safe to ingest so there is no harm using it from a biological point of view. However, we worry that its abrasiveness can potentially damage tooth surfaces, which is an irreversible process. It can also irritate delicate gums and other oral soft tissue especially if there is an open wound or cut.

Just know that charcoal DOES NOT whiten teeth, but removes surface stains and plaque….just as regular toothpaste does, which is safer for teeth!

If you wish to have truly whiter teeth, professional dental bleaching is the way to go.

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**Learning @ Logic** Charcoal tooth whitening….does it actually work??