One stop dental care

Dental Logic will look after the dental health of your whole family from toddler to grandparent. As a one stop dental practice we are committed to improving your smile and confidence, focusing on preventative dentistry.

Looking after every stage of your family

Our high standard of comprehensive dental care covers all the services you would expect and more:

  • Examinations
  • Fillings
  • Crowns & bridges
  • Root canal treatment
  • Oral hygiene
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Orthodontics
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Smile enhancements
  • Snoring & sleep apnoea treatment

Making your visit as carefree as possible

We have created a friendly and caring environment to support all your individual needs. Ours is a calm and caring environment where you and your children will find soothing and relaxing. We are committed to providing you with the highest standards of treatment and giving you with a healthy, happy and confident smile.

Our Dental Logic dental care packages

Kids dental room
Kids friendly dental room

Our Guarantee

At Dental Logic, our focus is on clinical excellence and we believe prevention is better than cure. We strive to create a friendly, caring and trustworthy environment that supports our patients’ individual needs.

Our greatest success is our patients’ well being and great SMILES


Supporting our Community Heroes

We’re putting our hands up to support our Community Heroes who look after and care for our local community.

10% discount* for our Community Heroes and 5% discount* for their immediate family

Community Heroes: Police, Ambulance, Fire Services, CFA, SES, medical and allied health services. All you need to do is show us your work ID and enjoy our discount.

* 10% discount only applies to all non BUPA members. 5% discount for existing BUPA members.(Being a Bupa preferred provider, all Bupa members are already enjoying special disount). ID verification required, Not in conjunction with any other offers.

Free WiFi for all our guest

For your convenience to stay connected, free complimentary WiFi is available in Dental Logic.

Our service

Why do we reinforce prevention so much in our practice? It’s dental logic! Everyone deserves a great smile and fully functional set of teeth for life. We cover all facets of dentistry ranging from preventative to prosthetic & cosmetic dentistry through to sleep dentistry so that everyone can be benefited from our service.

  • Comprehensive examination

    At your initial consultation, we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, fillings and gums, but also your jaw muscles and facial structures. This is facilitated by our digital x-ray radiographs, sophisticated dental photography and state-of-the-art equipment, we know exactly your oral health condition. After your thorough examination, we’ll discuss with you your needs and treatment options. We will provide you with a personalised treatment plan with quote and advice on oral care that is specifically tailored for you.

  • Routine check-up and cleaning

    We believe prevention is better than cure. Without routine check-up and cleans, many small reversible problems could become serious and irreversible resulting in more lengthy, uncomfortable and expensive treatment.

    Regular dental check-up and x-rays aim at detecting dental issues early. Cleaning and polishing removes stains and plaque to ensure a brighter, healthier smile as well as maintain optimal gum health.

  • Kids-friendly dentistry

    A good dental experience is extremely important in setting a child up for a positive attitude towards dental treatment and dental care. Our affectionate staff and specially designed kids treatment room keep the youngsters excited from the moment they walk into the practice. Our dentists and oral health therapist are specially trained and highly experienced to treat children.

  • Preventative dentistry

    Fissure sealants are a quick and inexpensive way to protect the back molars against decay especially when teeth have newly erupted. There is no need for local anaesthetics and in majority of cases, requires little or even no drilling.

    Mouthguards help to protect our teeth from injury when playing sports. Our professionally, custom made mouthguards are tightly fitted to allow maximum protection, comfort and function, allowing you to concentrate and focus on the game ahead.

  • Gum care

    Gums are the foundation of teeth. Gum disease can lead to bad breath, bleeding and shrinking gums, looseness of teeth and ruin a good smile. Gum disease is also related to many medical problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    Early detection and regular prompt treatment is vital. Our dentists and oral health therapist can assess the severity of gum disease and provide professional treatment and home care advice that suits your needs.

  • Restorative and biomimetic treatment

    There is no better designer than nature. At Dental Logic, we appreciate the beauty of nature and take advantage of advanced adhesive, tooth-coloured restorations and prepared by computer aided design (CAD-CAM) to deliver restorations that look and function like your natural teeth.

    We also provide endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) to stabilize and return your non-vital teeth back to form and function.

  • Tooth replacement solution

    Missing teeth cannot only affect your look, it also disrupts the harmonious relationship of neighbouring and opposing teeth. Missing teeth can be replaced with long lasting dental implants, fixed dental bridges and removable dentures.

    Our dentists and dental prosthetist can discuss and assist with you the best solution that suits you.

  • Cosmetic dentistry

    There’s nothing quite like a healthy bright smile. It boosts confidence and gives you a vibrant youthful look. The colour and position of your teeth can significantly affect the appearance of your appearance and smile. Corrective measures can stop and reverse an aged and unattractive smile.

    Dental Logic can help with cosmetic treatments such as bleaching (tooth whitening), conservative cosmetic contouring, orthodontic treatment, and placement of crowns and veneers.

  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea dental device

    Snoring itself does not pose a health threat but the noisy breathing of snorers can affect their significant others’ sleep causing daytime fatigue and negative mood.
    Snoring is also frequently associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which is repetitive stopping of breathing during sleep. There are various treatments and dental devices available to treat snoring and OSA. We have an extensive network of sleep medicine specialists who can organize sleep studies and recommend the best solutions for any sleeping-related problems.

  • Dental phobia solution

    We understand that many people are fear the dentists. Severe dental phobia can prevent people from seeking dental treatment that they really need. At Dental Logic, we strive to deliver our dental treatment in the gentlest way in a relaxed environment. We also offer inhalation sedation (happy gas), intravenous sedation (twilight sedation) and hypnorelaxation (hypnotherapy) to assist you receiving anxiety-free dental treatment.

  • Emergency dentistry

    We understand accidents happen and there are times when you need dental attention quickly. Our dentists and oral health therapist have extensive experience in dealing with dental emergencies. We reserve time for emergency dental appointments so that toothaches, dental injuries and broken teeth can be treated promptly.


Our dedicated team

From the smiles that greet you at the reception to our dentists, oral health therapist, prosthetist and dental nurses, the Dental Logic team is here to make your visit as carefree as possible.

Our dentists and prosthetist are highly experienced and caring. They are constantly updating their knowledge through clinical training and continuing professional education. If it is new and effective in dentistry they’ll know about it.

Our oral health therapist knows how to make dental treatment fun and effective for all children and will provide comprehensive advice on long-term gum care and oral health maintenance for all clients.

Our dedicated team

From the smiles that greet you at the reception to our dentists, hygienist, prosthetist and dental nurses, the Dental Logic team is here to make your visit as carefree as possible.

Our dentists and prosthetist are highly experienced and caring. They are constantly updating their knowledge through clinical training and education. If it’s new and effective in dentistry they’ll know about it.

Our dental hygienist knows how to make dental treatment fun and effective for children and will provide comprehensive advice on long-term gum care and oral health maintenance for all clients.

Dr Claudia Yung

Dr Claudia Yung BDSc (Melb), FRACDS

Dentist and Director, Dental Logic
Language: English, Cantonese

Claudia has a special interest in biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry. She graduated from the University of Melbourne and gained extensive experience in country Victoria before moving back to Melbourne. Claudia then gained a Fellowship in the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) and is currently a regional committee member of RACDS Victoria & Tasmania.

She is also a member of Australian Dental Association, Dental ED and Melbourne Seattle Dental Study Club and is a pre-clinical and clinical demonstrator at the Melbourne Dental School.

Claudia is passionate about helping the disadvantaged communities. She is part of the Royal Flying Doctors Service Mobile Dental Care Program volunteer team. The team which provides dental treatment and oral health education to various disadvantaged groups including school children and age care workers in regional and rural Victoria.

When not in the surgery, Claudia is often playing her ukulele or enjoying a spot of bush walking, nature photography and travelling.

Dr Liban Mohamed

Dr Liban Mohamed DDS (Melb), BBiomed (Melb)

Language: English, Somalian

Liban completed his postgraduate dental degree at the University of Melbourne and began his journey as a dentist at community-based clinics, providing all aspects of general and emergency dentistry.

Together with his extensive experience dealing with complex dental conditions, Liban brings a compassionate and gentle manner to his patients. His treatment philosophy is centred around prevention and lifelong quality dentistry.

As a current member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP), he places great focus on continual education and professional development, allowing him to provide the latest in dental technology.

Liban’s interests outside of dentistry include spending quality time with family and friends as well as supporting his beloved football club Arsenal.

Paul Ghobrial

Paul Ghobrial BOralHlth(Therapy and Hygiene)

Oral Health Therapist
Language: English

Paul graduated from Charles Sturt University and is hugely passionate about using his skills and knowledge to support and involve patients with their treatment. Paul is enthusiastic about his profession and enjoys getting to know each and every patient ensuring they are relaxed and comfortable throughout their appointments.

With special emphasis on kids dentistry he takes great care in involving families in every step along the way as well as taking the time to answer any questions or concerns they may have. He is positive, approachable and always happy to help. Your smile is his priority!

Outside of the clinic Paul enjoys researching, being outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends.

Mr John Stafford

Mr John Stafford Member of Australian Dental Prosthetist Association

Dental Prosthetist
Language: English

John began as a dental technician. He then graduated from the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital as a Dental Prosthetist. Apart from repairing and relining dentures, John can also assess, design, construct, fit and adjust removable full and partial dentures and athletic mouthguards.

John is a member of Australian Dental Prosthetist Association and has over 20 years of experience making premium quality dentures and mouthguards. He is consistantly updating our practice with the latest techniques and materials so we can provide our patients with the highest quality and rapid service they need.

John spends most of his time in his Mount Evelyn dental lab and runs a dental clinic with us on Wednesday mornings.
When not working, John enjoys his golf and socialising.

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